Frequently asked Questions : 

Some questions asked by our clients :

Q:How does the process work?

  • Upon your request A qualified Allegiant Design Consultant will schedule an appointment, come to your location, discuss your wants and needs and will access your shower system. Based on your initial meeting your consultant will provide you with several design and material selections.
  • Once you select the enclosure that best fits you, we will provide you with a firm order price. After a material deposit is made on your custom enclosure, we will produce a complete set of design and hardware specifications and drawings. Your order will then be expedited and be sent to fabrication for processing.
  • Most custom glass enclosure system orders are procured within 5-9 business days.
    Once all components have been verified a our scheduling desk will contact you to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Your Custom shower enclosure will be delivered and installed by certified glass installers. On average , This process usually takes less than an hour. Upon completion the installer will review care and use instructions and your shower will be ready to use within 24 hours of completion.
  • Once your shower is complete and your balance due Is satisfied your warranty will be made effective.

Q: How do I clean my shower?

  • A: Your Certified installer will review your options but in most instances a simple Vinegar, Water and Rubbing alcohol solution mixed equally, will provide great result at a very reasonable price. For showers that require more advanced cleaning we offer a full line of products to suite your needs.

Q: What can I do to protect the glass?

  • A: We offer a wide range of surface treatment products that can be either applied in the factory or by the customer. All of the products available work by filling the microscopic voids in the surface in the glass therefore reducing the surface tension of the Glass and allowing water, minerals and salts to sheet from the enclosure by reducing the surface tension of the glass surface as is contacted by other liquids. Please be advised that although surface treatments can greatly reduce the maintenance required to maintain a clean shower, they vary widely in price and still require basic maintenance.

Q: What are my Glass options?

  • A: All of the Glass used by Allegiant is Safety tempered. With that said we offer a wide variety of colors, surface treatments, textures and patterns. The most common glass type used for custom showers in the United States is Clear 3/8” Safety tempered. Please discus other options with your Design consultant and we will be glad to provide sampled of other colors, sizes and patterns.

Q: What other Products and Services do you supply?

  • First and foremost we supply frameless custom showers. This line covers cover Single doors, Doors with a side light, Corner Units, Sliding units, Splash Panels and multiple other
  • We supply a complete line of Mirror overlays that can make an old mirror look new and change the entire look of your bathroom by creating framed spa type look. Bath hardware in various colors and styles.
  • Door locks in various styles and configurations ,Custom Grab bars for Handicap accessibility 
  • Custom Melamine Closet systems via Select trade partners
  • Tile remediation and repair service via Select trade partner
  • Plumbing fixture restoration via Select trade partners
  • Fully Frameless Heavy Glass Handrail, Fence and Barrier Systems
  • Retractable glass wall systems ( Coming Fall 2016)
  • Small Storefront and Entrance systems for Commercial applications
  • X-Ray Glass Systems for Doctor offices , Dentist offices and Labs
  • Fire rated Glass for Commercial Contractors

Q: What happens if I have a problem with my shower after its installed?

  • A: Contact us either at our office or through our website ( Preferred) and we will generate a Warranty Work Order. Most work orders are easily resolved within 48 hours.